Study Finds Cannabis Use After Work Hours Doesn’t Affect Job Performance

Researchers have found that using cannabis after work hours does not adversely affect employee job performance, according to a study published recently in the journal Group & Organization Management. The study, “Altered States or Much to Do About Nothing? A Study of When Cannabis Is Used in Relation to the Impact It Has on Performance,” was conducted by researchers with San Diego State University in California and Alabama’s Auburn University.

The study examined the effect that cannabis use before, during, and after work hours had on job performance as assessed by employees’ direct supervisors. The authors noted that despite the widespread use of workplace drug screenings, “there is virtually no empirical research exploring cannabis use in relation to the modern workplace.”

The researchers examined the task performance, willingness to help colleagues or the organization, and counterproductive work behavior of 281 employees. The study correlated those factors with the timing of employees’ reported cannabis use, finding that using marijuana before or during work hours contributed to “counterproductive work behaviors,” while “after-work cannabis use was not related (positively or negatively) to any form of performance as rated by the user’s direct supervisor.”

The authors noted that “contrary to commonly held assumptions, not

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