Prison Death of Marvin Scott Sparks Anger Among Cannabis And Racial Justice Activists

Marvin Scott’s death in prison following his arrest for cannabis use is putting the spotlight on Texas, and on the fact that medical cannabis patients and Black people are unfairly targeted by the police in the United States.

Marvin Scott was arrested in March of this year over a misdemeanor possession amount of less than two ounces of cannabis. He was taken to the hospital for allegedly acting erratically, but was then taken to jail, where he died. Scott was 26 years old.

Following this incident, seven of the officers involved with his arrest have been fired due to their alleged involvement in his death. Marvin Scott suffered from schizophrenia and, according to his family, was experiencing an episode during his arrest. While no official cause of death has been released, Scott was restrained in a bed, pepper sprayed, and was forced to wear a “spit mask” during his time in prison. Some have speculated that the cause of death was suffocation, although this has not been confirmed by the authorities and experts working on this case.

“He was using [marijuana] to self-medicate after being two years diagnosed with schizophrenia,” Lee Merritt, his

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