Police Appear to Just Sit and Watch as NoPa Dispensary Gets Burglarized – SFist

Here’s a new wrinkle in the ongoing smash-and-grab robbery chronicles, as security video indicates SFPD sat and watched the robbery of a dispensary, not intervening until after the getaway vehicle drove off.

Cannabis dispensaries, and really all legal marijuna businesses in California, have certain unique burdens that make them more attractive to burglars. The all-cash nature of the businesses makes them a target, plus the type product they carry has, you know, a certain appeal. Last weekend’s rash of robberies targeting high-end retailers also hit a few cannabis businesses in Oakland, and today’s Chronicle brings us the story of another dispensary getting robbed in San Francisco  — with the twist that police appear to just sit and watch as the cannabis gets cleaned out.

NEW: San Francisco police responded to a call about a possible burglary at a cannabis dispensary. But they only watched as the suspects exited and drove away, surveillance video shows.https://t.co/E3iHfVNn5F

— San Francisco Chronicle (@sfchronicle) November 24, 2021

“This one it really made me angry,” shop owner Tariq Mizyed Alazraie told the Chron. The Chronicle does not identify the dispensary, but the California Bureau of Cannabis Control permit database shows Alazraie as the owner of BASA SF at Divisadero

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