New York Doctors That Recommend Medical Marijuana to Patients

  1. Only physicians are allowed to recommend medical marijuana, although the Commissioner has the option of including nurse practitioners based on patient need and access.
  2. Recommending physicians must:
    • Be licensed and practicing in New York.
    • Be qualified to treat the serious condition.
    • Have completed a 2-4 hour training course.
    • Have registered with the DOH.
    • Must be caring for the patients for whom they are making recommendation, meaning that they have done a full assessment of patient’s medical history and current medical condition, and believe that the patient will benefit from the use of medical marijuana.
    • Must consult the prescription drug monitoring program and review the patient’s control substances history before issuing a recommendation.
  3. Physicians cannot issue a certification to themselves.

MMJ Dosing Guidelines

  1. Practitioners must consider the form and dosage and include any such recommendations in the certification.
  2. If the practitioner has determined a specific dose or any limitations, these must be included on the patient’s certification.
  3. For ingestible forms, a single dose cannot exceed 10 mg of THC.

What Caregivers Need to Do to be Able to Help a Certified Patients

  1. NY Medical Marijuana Patients can designate up to two caregivers
    • If the patient is under 21, not allowed caregivers other than a legal guardian or parent unless a case if made to DOH that no legal guardian or parent is available.
  2. No one can be a caregiver to more than 5 certified patients at one time.
  3. Caregivers must register with DOH to obtain a registry identification card.
  4. Caregivers can legal possess up to 30 day supply if registered with DOH. This has to be right form and dose for the specified patient.
  5. Any changes or terminations of caregivers must be conveyed to DOH immediately; card will be suspended.

NY Medical Marijuana Law

How to Become a NY Medical Marijuana Patient

NY Grower/Dispensary Rules

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