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New York Dispensaries are open for business, as the Great State of New York has legalized medical marijuana in limited forms. Open cannabis stores throughout the state can be found on the near me map. Recreational weed in NY still remains illegal, for now.

Medical marijuana delivery in New York is active for registered patients with a Qualifying Condition through participating dispensaries. To obtain legal marijuana in New York, you will need to get your NY Medical Cannabis Card from a supporting marijuana doctor or clinic.

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What CBD and THC dispensary menu products are available in New York?

These state licensed dispensaries have in stock allowable forms including vape cartridges, extracts, tinctures, capsules, suppositories, topicals, and oils, containing THC & CBD.

Whole cannabis flower or buds for sale are permitted, however are for vaping use only. Smoking the traditional way is still prohibited. Marijuana flower comes in a variety of available strains that vary in THC CBD content and strength.

Infused Edibles in New York may be patient favorites as there are no carcinogens from inhaling smoke, with large numbers of qualifying patients being senior citizens.

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Updated March '23

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