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Marijuana Doctors Near Me in New York City, NY

Find the best doctor clinics for medical cannabis card recommendations and renewals.

New York City Marijuana Doctors are now seeing patients in person or via telemedicine to help you get medical cannabis for treatment. While recreational weed in New York City remains illegal, the Great State of New York has legalized medical marijuana in limited forms for patients with a qualifying condition.

New York Medical Marijuana Cards in New York City are now available. After getting your NY MedCard, cannabis products can be purchased via walk or delivery from a local NY Dispensary found here.

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NY Official Qualifying Debilitating Conditions List:

You may be eligible for medical marijuana in New York City if you have been diagnosed with one or more of these qualifying medical conditions specifically listed by the state:

If you have a condition for which an opioid prescription is an option you may opt to try MMJ instead. The regulations do not require you to try opioids first.

One or more of the following associated or complicating conditions must also accompany the severe debilitating or life-threatening condition:

Additional conditions may be added in the future by the Commissioner of Health, or via new legislation.

To Get Started:


For a first appointment or MedCard renewal, contact a certified marijuana doctor from the map. Or, simply fill out the patient registration form below and a representative will call you to schedule an appointment in person or through Telemedicine as available. New York medical marijuana cards will be issued by the state following the doctor’s approval.

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