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Suspects smashed through the front window with a rock, grabbing thousands worth of products. They’re still on the loose, while owners are left to pick up the pieces.

CEDAR SPRINGS, Mich. — After After two marijuana dispensaries were broken into within minutes of each other, one of the stores shared surveillance footage of the incident.

“It’s really infuriating,” says Jacquie Lucas, Vice President of Michiganja on Main Street.

Lucas couldn’t believe what she was seeing when she got the news early Saturday morning.

“We logged in on our phone and sure enough, there were three kids breaking into our dispensary,” she says.

She was watching a break-in of Michiganja unfold in real time through the surveillance app on her phone. The suspects smashed through the front window, chipping parts of the wall along the way. All done with a rock, which store owners are keeping on a shelf as a reminder.

“We’re such a small local family owned company,” says Lucas. “Damage like this is a big blow to the little guys.”

The footage goes on to show the suspects handing pounds of marijuana out the window.

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