Is It Necessary to Have a Vaporizer to Consume Cannabis?

Vaping has become the consumption method of choice for a new generation of health-conscious smokers. Safer and more socially acceptable, vaping replaces the smoke from a cigarette with vapor that is produced via a vape pen, or one of many other devices. The vape market began with e-liquids – flavored oils that could be put into the device, vaporized and inhaled – and soon began to expand into other areas.

Before long, it became popular to vape CBD products. When legalization of cannabis spread across the USA – 11 states having so far legalized recreational weed – the vape industry began to capitalize on this lucrative market. 

Therapeutic cannabis has also been legalized in many states and is available as a medicinal prescription. Vaping cannabis has become the method of choice for many medicinal users, who would prefer not to inhale smoke.

Does this mean that you really need a high-quality vaporizer to consume cannabis? The short answer is no, but just because you don’t need a vaporizer in your life doesn’t mean you don’t want one!

Ways of Consuming Cannabis 

The traditional method of enjoying cannabis is (of course) to smoke it. Many people still like to roll

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