International Cannabis: Guidance for Companies Entering the U.S. Market, Part 1

As I mentioned in a prior post (see here), we have been fielding regular inquiries from international cannabis companies that want to engage with the U.S. market by selling raw hemp or cannabis, distillates (including cannabinoids), and products, including products that have been proven in their home markets. This post is addressed to companies considering how to enter the U.S. market. It is the first of several posts that will cover taxation, employment, licensing, and other concerns relevant to international companies seeking to do business in the U.S. cannabis industry.

High Level Strategic Information. As a business transactions lawyer, I am accustomed to business owners asking for insight and advice that goes far beyond legal considerations. Generally, international cannabis companies want advice on whether and how to partner with domestic companies, which domestic markets are particularly attractive, which state laws and regulations give international companies the maximum flexibility (regarding financing, licensure, and product sales), and which state laws and regulations are particularly problematic (or prohibitive like Washington) for international companies.

Other considerations include which financial institutions, insurance companies, transportation and logistics companies, accounting firms, payment processors, marketing companies, and web development companies are friendly to the cannabis industry and

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