Hash Running Bears, The Struggles & Triumphs of Joseph Pietri as Written by his Son

CANNABIS CULTURE – Joe’s hash running business had successes and failures with dogs, if you can call a hundred pound Tibetan Mastiff a dog and not a bear, but it all ended with the bears and a worker’s rookie move.

Joseph Pietri, author of The King Of Nepal, The King of Nepal: Ice Wars Edition, and The 15-Ounce Pound, Big Pharma’s Plan to Patent Pot, recants the wilder years before the War on Drugs. For those unfamiliar with ‘hashish’, it is a highly concentrated form of cannabis with a history of use which goes back thousands of years in Nepal, the Western Himalayas and Central Asia.

As it did with so many cannabis aficionados of those golden years, it started for Joe with good bud, over fifty years ago. My father describes his first experience quite simply, “It was so strong, I couldn’t see!” It was love at first blind, and this affinity became an entrepreneurial endeavour when Joe realized he could sell it to his friends, and smoke for free. Grams became ounces, ounces became pounds, and Joe transitioned from selling bud, to importing hash.

Tibetan Mastiffs are an extremely rare and expensive breed with a long history in

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