Branding Cannabis — Now’s The Time To Get It Right

My longtime carpenter was working on my home the other day and we got to talking. He asked me in his thick Irish accent about the cannabis industry in California and what happened to it. “It used to be for helping people but now it’s all about the money,” he said, while shaking his head in disbelief. My heart sank when I heard his words. It was even more painful when I had to agree with him because he’s right…and not just in California.

The nascent cannabis industry used to have a good reputation with the public because medical cannabis operators like Harborside (my former company) were focused on wellness products and messaging. Our mindful communication with the public tapped into something that was already there.

Almost everyone in America knew someone with cancer who got better from marijuana during chemo. The media helped us tell stories of people with serious illnesses finding relief from cannabis. Even children with epilepsy made national news by benefitting from weed. After years of this branding work, pop culture defined the industry as a good force in society.

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